A few words from some of the authors I’ve worked with…

Harrison Davies   The Aduramis Chronicles, S.E.A.R.Ch

The hardest thing for anyone to do is to hand over their manuscript to an editor. For me, that decision was made almost immediately. I am friends with many authors around the world, and a recommendation came from one of those authors that Elaine Denning’s services were second to none. So I checked her out. I approached Elaine with apprehension as I have had my hands burned in the past. She offered a 10 page edit of my book Underworld, and after what seemed to be a few hours she had returned her edit and I was immediately blown away. It was as if she had got inside my head and knew exactly what I wanted to portray on the page. Being a writer and not an editor, sometimes your thoughts can be muddled or you can’t see wood for trees. But for me, my grammar needs work and she did a most wonderful job. So much so that I entrusted complete editorial control to her for three books with more to come. There is no doubt in my mind that Elaine is anything but honest, upstanding and a delight to work with. I will never consider another editor to work alongside me because Elaine encompasses everything that I desire in an editor, and I know I can trust her implicitly to polish my baby. She has been available day and night, on the end of the phone, or email. I invite anyone to avail themselves of her services, since to me, she’s more than an editor, she’s also a friend.

CJ Hall   The Wine Cellar, Discovery at Rosehill, Secrets at Rosehill,  Bedknobs and Bachelors

Elaine Denning isn’t just an amazing writer and a committed editor, but a loyal friend, one whom has supported me as an author for all the years I’ve known her. Her gentle approach and trusted status as an editor was exactly what I looked for when choosing a professional editor for my latest book, Bedknobs and Bachelors, and as I strongly suspected, Elaine was the perfect candidate for the job. She put my mind at rest within a couple of hours of receiving the manuscript, after she rang me to speak to me personally over the phone in order to discuss the main character. Her dedication to my book meant she needed to know this character inside-out before she could move forward, hence making sure the story flowed from start to finish with no inconsistencies. She made suggestions and gave advice that was paramount to improve the book, and corrected grammar, punctuation and those typos that so often slip through the net. Elaine’s professionalism and tenacity turned my book into a great read, and I was honoured to include her name in the acknowledgements. I have already asked her to edit my next book, albeit a completely different genre, because I have every faith in her services.

Eileen Schuh    FIREWALLS

While working with me on my YA thriller, FIREWALLS, Elaine Denning proved that editing does not need to be a painful experience. At no time did she make me feel she would’ve written my story differently or better—she had utter respect for me as an author and always ensured it was my voice that readers would hear. She definitely takes her job seriously, reading both previous books in my series before starting in on the one she was hired to edit. That kind of dedication and professionalism shines through in her work. But above and beyond all that, her editing and proofing skills are exceptional. FIREWALLS reads like a charm…

David P Perlmutter   Wrong Place Wrong Time, My Way

Authors recommend Elaine Denning! I do and will continue to do so. Elaine took my books to heart like they were her own. I was always excited in receiving the edited version of each chapter that I sent her. Thank you Elaine, without you the books would still be a scribble, and with over 500 5 star reviews on Amazon (to date) for WPWT, and the book now being made into a movie, I am more than delighted with your work.

Nicholas Temple-Smith   The Story of Elijah

Elaine Denning has proofread and critiqued the complete manuscript of my soon to be published second novel. She was most perceptive and assiduous, not only correcting typographical errors but identifying needless repetitions and on several occasions suggesting alternative words and phrases. She was able in several places to tighten up the prose and her contribution to the finished product was very valuable. I would recommend her to any author needing a proofreader or editor without hesitation.

Deirdre Devlin   Fogmakers

Elaine’s skillful editing made such a difference to my novel Fogmakers.  It doesn’t matter how many times a writer goes over a script to make it perfect, the skilful eye of another finds so many things that should have been done, or left out, first time around. Suddenly it’s like reading a whole new book. I was thrilled with the result and I hope the changes will make the novel more appealing to publishers. Elaine has an easy manner, is very “user friendly” to the first timer and clearly knows what she’s doing. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

H. E. Joyce   The Deadliest Game, Torment

Elaine was recommended by a fellow author so I thought I would give her a try. There was nothing to lose as she offers a ten page edit for free. If you don’t like what she has done, there is no obligation to use her service. However, the very same day, I received the free edit and was amazed and delighted with what she had achieved in such a short time and had no hesitation in hiring her. Once she was in receipt of the full manuscript her work was tireless and enthusiastic throughout the whole process. Elaine kept in touch by email and phone to discuss certain aspects of the book and to get to know me and the characters in my book better. She is an easy person to work with, friendly, but highly professional. I would recommend her to anyone who wants their work to shine.

Klaire de Lys   Outsider, Defiance

Elaine was an absolute lifesaver with my book Outsider, no matter how much I go over things my dyslexia makes it very hard for me to edit myself, but she helped me through the whole book and helped me push my writing to improve. I cannot over recommend her and look forward to working with her again.

Jo Lambert   Summer Moved On, Watercolours in the Rain

I recently worked with Elaine on my latest novel Summer Moved On. Although for me, editing is one of the worst parts of novel writing, she turned it into a very smooth and enjoyable experience. Not only were her copy editing services excellent, she was also an invaluable help with plotting and characterisation. At the end of the journey I also realised as well as being incredibly supportive she had also become a good friend. For anyone looking for an editor, I would thoroughly recommend Elaine – competent and professional, your book will be in safe hands.

Andy Guest  Type T

So I decided to write an autobiography, and this was going to be challenging as I had never written a book before. I needed an outstanding editor and I found one in Elaine Denning. Her encouragement and professional approach made a huge difference to the success of my book. Elaine is something special and clearly I landed on my feet. I am more than happy to recommend Elaine and will continue to do so, such is my gratitude for all the hard work Elaine put in. Andy Guest -British National Skydiving Champion & world record holder.