Although I don’t edit nonfiction books (travel, history, health, science, and the like) I do edit autobiographies and memoirs. Why? Well, a lot of the rules that apply to fiction also apply to these two genres but also, and most importantly, because I absolutely love them.

I offer two editorial services for autobiography and memoir writers.


Many people have a desire to write their true-life story but have no writing experience and, as such, are unsure about how to actually approach it. After all, nobody wants to read a dull and unstructured book crammed with dates, place names, and meaningless events… they want to read a page-turner: something that grips from from the start and is full of tension, action, dialogue and emotion.

This is where I come in.

Over a consultation via email, phone, Skype, or a face-to-face meeting, I’ll learn about the crux of your story and, from there, guide and support you in writing your very first chapter. This will be edited and sent back to you with lots of help and advice, which will give you the tools to move forward and progress with your book. Support will continue on a chapter by chapter basis until the book is complete.


If you’ve already written fiction then you’re undoubtedly aware of all the things necessary to create a great page-turner, and the approach to writing a memoir or an autobiography is no different.

Once you have a completed draft that you’re happy with it’s time for a full, professional edit. My process begins with a complete read through to enable me to get a grasp of your story and your voice. Next, I go through the manuscript again looking for any problems with plot, structure, dialogue, tension, pace, setting, and POV misuse, to name just a few. Alongside this, I check for repetition of words and phrases, spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, and any inconsistencies. I use Microsoft Word’s ‘Track Changes’ and, line by line, make corrections and highlight areas that need improvement, adding comments in the sidebar. As well as a professionally edited manuscript, you’ll also receive a detailed report to assist you with your writing in the future.

Please take a few moments to check out some of the reviews on my testimonials page, a place where the words of some of the wonderful authors I’ve worked with have not been edited. And make sure you check out the FAQ page where, hopefully, some of your questions will be answered.