moiIf you’re looking for assistance to help you realise the full potential of your work, then look no further. I will endeavour to help make your book the very best it can possibly be.

The bond between an author and their editor is a special one and, as with all new relationships, trust has to be established. This is why I offer a no obligation, 5,000 word edit to enable you to look at my style and see how I work before you make a decision.
I’m aware that a lot of authors are terrified of handing over their work to a stranger, but it doesn’t have to be the nightmare it’s so often portrayed to be. Part of my task is to shoulder some of the burden for you, lighten the load, and let you know you’re in safe hands. I love my job and really enjoy helping authors on their road to publication, so it’s entirely logical to me to make the process as easy, painless and as much fun as possible. I swear, I’ll take care of your baby as if it were my own.

My process begins with a complete read through of your manuscript to enable me to get a complete grasp of your story. Next comes the line edit where, starting again at the beginning, I look at characterisation, plot holes, factual errors, POV misuse, dialogue, pace, structure, and the general flow of your work. This is where I’ll pick up on the improbability of ‘bare branches reaching to the sky’ on page four when it’s ‘a hot August morning’ on page nine. I’m meticulous, so if your protagonist’s eyes turn from brown to blue, I’ll spot it. As I go along, I’ll be proofreading – checking for all those pesky spelling and grammatical errors. Finally (and this isn’t for everyone), there’s the substantive edit, where complete paragraphs may need to be reworded, moved, or even deleted. As brutal as it sounds, I always aim to show and not merely tell, and my suggestions will always be in the form of a comment rather than a hard edit.

Please take a few moments to check out some of the reviews on my testimonials page, a place where the words of some of the wonderful authors I’ve worked with have not been edited. And make sure you check out the FAQ page where, hopefully, some of your questions will be answered.