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You offer a no obligation, 5,000 word edit. How much does it cost?

Just £30.00. If you send me your first 5,000 words I will have them edited and back with you within a couple of days.  There’s no obligation at all to choose me as your editor if you don’t like my editing style, but if you’d like to hire me, the £30.00 will go towards your final fee.

If I’m happy to pay for an entire book edit without the 5,000 word trial edit, is that okay?

I will still need to read a sample of your work in order to give you an accurate quote, and my reading fee for 5,000 words is £10.00.  Unfortunately, if your work is not up to standard, I may recommend that you hire an editor or ghostwriter who is experienced in providing an extensive re-work of your manuscript.

Do you edit all genres of books?

Generally, yes, although I draw the line at anything I find to be morally unacceptable. Having said that, it depends on the context it’s written in, so it’s always best to make sure I’m aware of anything controversial before we start.

How will you edit my book?

I edit on screen and use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes. This will allow you to accept or reject the changes I’ve made to the document and also view my additional comments and suggestions in the sidebar.

What is your turnaround time?

This can vary depending on the standard of writing, but I aim to have your edited manuscript back with you within 2-3 weeks.

How much do you charge?

For the majority of authors it’s £6.00 for every 1,000 words (so a 100,000 word book would cost £600.00). If you’re not an experienced writer and need a little extra help, the cost will be higher, but I will always give you a quote before starting work.

How can I make payments?

By PayPal or bank transfer. If you still own a cheque book, that’s fine too!

Can I pay in instalments?

Of course!  You can pay weekly or monthly and, as such, your book can be completed within a time frame to suit your financial situation.

I have a few more questions. How can I contact you?

Just click the ‘contact’ tab at the top of the page! I look forward to hearing from you.